Working from home is just like any other job: it has its upsides and its downsides. Those of us who have worked from home for long enough have all asked ourselves the same questions: how do I stay motivated? How do I balance work and free time? How many coffees in a single day is healthy? There are no easy answers, but don’t worry—we’re all in this together.

Here are 28 struggles that you’ll only understand if you work from home.

Feature Photo: David Mulder

Jana Dybinski

Jana is Rebel’s VP of Marketing. She has more than a decade of experience driving strategic digital marketing initiatives and building brands online. Jana nerds out over marketing strategy, culture building, abandoned spaces and really obscure travel destinations. She likes bringing purpose and passion to everything Rebel does, and remains neutral on the Oxford comma.


  1. Peter Thompson

    Really a great article, and yes people who work from Home do actually work and mostly do much more work than people who go to offices. REASONS :

    1. No office politics.
    2. No time boundation, so you can work all night in comfort of your home and family.
    3. No wastiing time in traveling.
    4. No boss to answer to , you are your own boss.
    5. You get paid alot more, if you run a business which you can handel from a computer, it does not make any difference, where your office is. Your team can go to a normal brick and mortar office and if you are the CEO, than you can work yourself from home, all away from drama, and just concentrate on 1 thing, WORK and too do it happily.

  2. Working from home is both a blessing and a curse, A blessing for many of the reasons listed above.
    However, In many ways one still have different problems, the main one, I thinking of is self-discipline. When one goes to an “Office” to work, they’re expected to produce and do their work with little or no distraction .
    But at home is another story. There a myriad of distractions; TV, media in general. Then there’s Facebook, Twitter, and a host of computer related sites and the like to distract one from what they should be doing on their computer, be it writing or other money making endeavor.
    So the key ingredient is self-discipline is essential. The home worker MUSt be able to do the regular house related work and MAKE the time to sit and do their chosen work. And Then actually sit down and do it, Ignoring Facebook, twitter, Youtube, and the like and do what needs to be done.


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