OTTAWA – June 12, 2017

Social entrepreneurs, students, non-profits, and anyone wanting to make a positive contribution online have a new way to establish and grow their web presence, thanks to an innovative new program from that aims to celebrate and give thanks to Canadians.

One of Canada’s leading domain name registrars, Rebel has launched the ChangeMaker Program to help people get online. Rebel’s initiative is unique to the industry, offering heavily discounted products to reduce barriers and connect their products and services with those who need it, and in some cases working directly with users to determine their specific needs and design tailored solutions.

“This is about bringing value to people with great ideas that may be struggling with the financial or technical barriers of sharing those ideas online,” says Rebel CEO Rob Villeneuve. “We’ve designed this program to match people with big ideas and the potential to contribute impactful projects with Rebel’s expertise in technology and the tools to get it done.”

At launch, the ChangeMaker Program allows users to submit their project or idea directly to Rebel for further support. Whether it’s a discount on web hosting, getting tips on building an engaging startup culture, or spending an afternoon getting coached on designing a website with one of Rebel’s experts, the options are almost limitless.

The program was borne thanks to feedback from numerous non-profits and social entrepreneurs, who discovered that having access to knowledgeable technical support was critical to getting their projects online. “Rebel feels like a community more than a registrar,” says Garrett Moore from the advocacy group Stand With Congo. “Their advice and guidance helped us launch something we’re really proud of.”

To apply, users need to visit  Rebel’s ChangeMaker page and submit their proposal.

Jasmin Bollman

Jasmin is Rebel’s Marketing Manager of Social Media and Content. Her background in journalism & freelance public relations means she loves to write and often discusses the Oxford comma with colleagues. In addition to bringing the Rebel voice to the world, Jasmin often wrestles with how many GIFs are too many to post on Twitter. She’s currently (and perpetually) working on her first book while simultaneously looking for ways to work classic quotes from The Simpsons into her everyday life.

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