8 Reasons Why You Should Secure Your Personal Domain Name

Consider the last time you Googled yourself.

What results appeared on the first page? Your Facebook profile? Your LinkedIn, vialis 40mg perhaps? Maybe even a local news article from when you played soccer as a teenager? A not-so-flattering picture of you from that shenanigan-filled vacation in Cancun?

Instead of just passively living with these sometimes unseemly results, viagra 100mg you can easily take control of your online image just by securing your name (personal domain name, that is)!

Why should you own a personal domain name, you may ask? Rebel can give you a few good reasons:

1. You will have greater control of your online image.

This is, by far, the most important aspect of owning your personal domain name. By owning FirstnameLastname.com (or any other variation of your name and domain suffix), you ensure greater control over your personal brand and online space. When someone Googles your name, you can be sure that your FirstnameLastname.com will appear on the first page, if not as the very first result. This is invaluable; first impressions are everything. Make sure you’re in control of what people see first!

2. An online resume will grab an employer’s attention.

Does anyone even hand out paper resumes anymore? Instead, stand out by using your personal domain name as an online resume! Besides looking sleek, having your own website will showcase your tech-savviness and sweet Internet skills.

3. Create an online portfolio to show off your work.

Just like the website-based resume, an online portfolio is a fabulous way to show off your stuff. Imagine how awesome it would be to have all your best work stored in one convenient location! Gone are the days of mailing in your art school portfolio or sending in demo tapes. Now, all you have to do is send a link!

4. Connect with family members from all around the world.

Create a space where you can talk to, share pictures with, and even arrange reunions with your family. With yourlastname.family, you might even discover distant relatives you didn’t know you had!

5. Give your kid a head start with his or her own domain.

Just like creating a savings account for your child’s post-secondary education, it will become increasingly important to reserve a domain name for them as well. Consider it an investment in your child’s future.

6. Get creative with unique domain suffixes.

As more and more TLD’s (top level domains) become available to customers, it’s easier than ever to get creative with the name of your website! Think outside of the usual “.com” box. If you own a local brewery, you could purchase “yourlocalbrewery.beer”. Are you promoting an indie film? “filmname.movie” is the answer! You can even promote yourself with yourname.rocks! So many options – so much fun!

7. Own a unique and professional-looking email address.

Everyone knows that a custom email address is more professional looking than a @gmail.com or @hotmail.com. A custom email address is memorable and reputable. If you buy your own personal domain name, you can stand out from the crowd with yourname@yourname.com.

8. Share your story online!

Everyone has a story to tell, and what better way to tell your story than by securing your name online? Share your business, your passion, or even your day-to-day life. Tell your story with a domain that is as unique as you are.

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Leanne is Rebel’s intern-turned-marketing-coordinator. She is a recent public relations graduate who loves seeking out partnerships with like-minded individuals and businesses. Leanne is an avid swimmer, yoga enthusiast, and plant-based eater who shamelessly eats more hummus in a day than the whole office does in a week.

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