So you’re a creative type with dreams of glory and enough elbow grease to make them a reality. Where do you choose to live? Here are 10 of the best spots for creatives to thrive in the United States.

So what’ll it be? A live music capital that’s also one of the healthiest cities around? A recovering manufacturing city that’s been named a design heritage site? Or the center of the universe, astronomical rents and all? If you’re ready for a fresh start, these 10 cities are all great spots to set down your creative roots.

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Brittany Bawn

Brittany is Rebel’s graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. She’s a brand design mason, nature enthusiast, wife-to-be, fitness warrior and fishing aficionado. She acts at the intersection of aesthetics and purpose to give life to your brand. When she’s not designing, you’ll usually find her taste testing craft beers and building nachos by the bayou.

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