Stuck on a business idea? Don’t worry, we’re not. There are so many crazy domain endings out there that any kind of business can find one that makes sense for them. So, we’ve dreamed up a bunch of ideas. Go ahead, steal ’em! And if you do, show us when you’re done. Pretty please?

Set up an online bidding site à la eBay. The catch? Groups who statistically make less money get to pay less for items—by the same amount as their average income gap.

Beer makes a lot of things better. Create an inspiring series of motivational posters featuring beer. Use the proceeds to buy… you get the idea.

Cops talking about bingo
People stress out about hiring freelancers. How do you know who to pick? Make the choice easy with freelancer bingo. Each square on your card corresponds to someone who’s looking for work. Ask the dealer for a number, and if it’s on your card, that’s your hire!

Build software that helps offices, charities and social committees easily track their discretionary spending. Or sell Tom Petty memorabilia and don’t accept credit cards. Your call.

Grumpy cat
No, seriously. The most expensive coffee beans in the world are digested by palm civets (= basically cats) before being sold. Buy some of that shit wholesale, and tell it like it is. You’ll attract people for both the taste and your tastelessness.

Crickets are a source of sustainable protein! Offer chocolate covered, yogurt dipped, and candy coated options. On sticks, because that’s more fun.

Dog wearing shirt, tie and glasses
This one obviously has to be run by a dog. We’re thinking an inspiring publication that raises awareness and funds for animal shelters, part “Texts from Dog” and part Fifteen Dogs. You should probably buy too.

Offer recommendations and reviews of the shows on hulu. Perk: a lot of your job will involve sitting around watching TV.

Scrooge McDuck in piles of gold
Offer visitors the chance to guess if a sample is real gold or fake, for $5. If they guess correctly, they get to keep it. Joke’s on them—there are no real samples.

A limo especially for kids. It’s covered in glitter and confetti, and features a built-in bouncy castle, a super good magician and a litter of puppies to play with. BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER, amiright?

People camouflaging with their surroundings
Get bored people to hire you to sneak around and try to catch them. Or their friends.

Give advice to travelers about how to avoid long lines at major theme parks and landmarks. Share the secrets of the best days to visit, places to buy tickets in advance, and secret entrances for sneaking in (okay, maybe not that last one).

Game of Thrones charge on horseback
What’s better than laser tag? Laser tag with ponies. Feel like you’re doing battle in both the past and the future by making your laser attacks on horseback.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that all the best offices have animals in them. Make the daily grind better by coordinating pet visits by the day or hour to businesses in need.

Change for the better starts today! With .today! Author an inspiring self-help book about the value of acting now. DO IT NOW!

Feel inspired? Oh, good. Not yet? Fine, have some motivational quotes. No, they’re not about beer (sorry).

PSA: the gTLDs featured here are all available on! (No guarantees about these specific URLs.) Get shopping.