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From .Realtor to .Plumbing: Is Your Profession a Domain Extension?

So you’re starting a business, or joining a new profession, and you need a website. However, you find out your name is pretty common, and your .com domain is taken. Congratulations! No, really!

You dodged a boring, long URL that wouldn’t look very sexy on your business cards. Instead, you can sign up for a domain that ends in what you actually do. Rebel’s got you covered if you’re in one of these 19 professions:


Do you know how lucky you are? .accountant domains on sale for just $5.00. Now that’s a fiscally responsible decision.


Hamlet holding skullNeed a place to post sultry headshots, a meaningful heartfelt bio, and pleas to hire you? Stand out with this .actor domain.


You know all about design and build. That’s why we think you’ll do an awesome job putting your .architect website together.


With the power of .attorney, we think you’ll bring in more business.


Got a great idea for your debut novel? Get your .author website rolling and bam, it’s official. Next up: The**New York Times bestseller list.


Dogs in costume playing instruments
We get it, it’s not just a hobby. Share your gang’s musical talent online at a .band domain.


No, like, insurance. Not “I’m broker than you.” Build trust and online presence with a .broker domain.


You’re busy. You’re important. And you need a domain that tells the world, like .ceo. You don’t even need time for web design—Weebly’s got that covered.


Angry hockey coach
Soccer? Life? Zumba? Falconry? If you teach people how to do a thing, a .coach domain is for you.


A .dentist domain is a great place to share patient testimonials. And to flash those pearly whites on a bio page.


A .doctor domain basically says you’ve made it. You’ll be excited to hand out those business cards at your high school reunion, and we don’t blame you.


Dog getting vacuumed
If you’re a dog, you absolutely need a .dog domain.

Maybe even if you’re not. Dog walkers, trainers, groomers, doga instructors, managers for dog surfers… the list goes on.


You like precision, right? Steer away from a wishy washy web address and tell it like it is with a .engineer domain.


Who needs 1-800-FLOWERS? Not you. Stand out from run-of-the-mill florists with a .florist domain.


Simpsons safari
Whether you’re leading people on city tours, spelunking expeditions, or Pokémon GO safari, demonstrate your expertise with a .guide domain.


Protect your online identity by securing your .lawyer domain. It’ll cost less than a six-minute segment of your time.


When someone’s having an emergency with a backed up toilet, they’re not making it to page two of Google. Get to the top of the list with a .plumbing domain.


Hey, we have something in common: we both love helping people find the perfect home. Don’t worry, no competition—we stick to digital addresses. We think you’ll love it at .realtor.


Cat drinking from vet cone
The internet was made for cat photos, right? Share your cutest patients at your .vet domain and watch the business come purring in (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Don’t see your profession here? Not to worry—it’s probably on its way! We’ve got tons more options coming up, so keep checking back to our list of available domain extensions.

Photos: Christian Koch, televandalist.com, imgur.com, sport.yahoo.com, wifflegif.com, www.simpsonsworld.com, imgur.com

Jasmin Bollman

Jasmin Bollman

Rebel’s Marketing Manager of Social Media & Content. She’s always in the midst of writing something while simultaneously looking for ways to work quotes from The Simpsons into her everyday life.

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From .Realtor to .Plumbing: Is Your Profession a Domain Extension?
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