Buying a .CA domain for your business or burger blog does more than just get you online.

With every .CA domain you buy, you're helping to build a better internet in Canada. How, you ask? It's all thanks to the Community Investment Program, run by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

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Building a Better Online Canada

The Community Investment Program gives back by funding innovative community projects to build a stronger, safer and more accessible internet for all Canadians. The program has built new infrastructure, helped grow Canada’s capacity in media literacy, enabled non-profits to deliver online services and academic researchers to address emerging digital issues.

Through this program, CIRA has supported 130 innovative projects across Canada for a total of $5.45 million.

Who Gets Funded?

Here's the type of projects that CIRA has funded in the past:

  • Infrastructure: Developing connectivity services for regional, rural, remote and/or underserved communities
  • Access: Providing individuals and communities with the ability to connect to the internet
  • Digital Literacy: Enhancing Canadians’ knowledge and skills to use the internet effectively and safely
  • Engagement: Research and knowledge-sharing activities that broaden public understanding and participation in internet policy development, governance and cybersecurity
  • Services: Building online apps and platforms that address social, economic and/or environmental needs

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Simply Buying a .CA Domain Helps!

You can support the Community Investment Program by buying a .CA domain. It's an effective way to pay it forward, and us friendly folks at Rebel have made it even easier: right now, you can get a .CA domain for only $10.99!

Check out some of the previous projects that have been funded through this unique program and see how your .CA domains are helping your fellow Canadians.