This past spring, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) commissioned a study that has now become Canada’s Internet Factbook 2017. What does this study reveal about Canadians, our online habits and how we really feel about the .ca domain? Read on.

Are you a Canadian business? Then you should use .CA

69% of Canadians agree that Canadian organizations should be using .CA domains. In fact, Canadians prefer to visit .CA websites for most of their online activities:


The majority of Canadians are shopping online

It’s not just banking and reading that Canadians are doing online. 82% of Canadians have made an online purchase in the past 12 months, with over half of those purchases going to goods like clothing. Here’s how Canadians have been spending their money online:


The preference to shop online is increasing

4 in 10 Canadians prefer to shop online over in store, representing a 10% increase since 2014. With the holiday season upon us, the number of online shopping transactions will only get higher. Why do these Canadians prefer to make their purchases online?


Why don’t you have a .CA yet?

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