Making business decisions quickly can sometimes be daunting. All you have to do to see this in action is watch any HBO show. For people who are driven by details, or who aren’t partial to risk taking, making these decisions can be super difficult. However, jumping in with both feet can lead to remarkable success.

That’s especially true when you look at creating content. Think of your average start to your work day. Sipping on a too-hot cup of coffee, cleaning the smudge of burrito from yesterday’s lunch off your computer screen, staring at so and so’s new haircut, and of course, checking out “what’s new” online.

That habit makes it super important to be quick on the uptake. People search more on the internet for what is new and trendy over most other things (case in point: Joe Biden memes).

Joe Biden in sports car
But how can you make it happen?

1. See the Potential

If you’ve been searching online for something recently and haven’t found anything that fully meets your needs (…sounds like my dating life), then fill in the missing link yourself. Create the content that has been missing, and others will flock to you. This is easily done through social media, blogging, and of course, building a website. If you can’t find content that answers your questions, create the answer.

2. Act, Like, Right Now

Timing is everything. No, I mean it. Trends come and go like that (snapping fingers emoji), so the faster you move, the more likely your content is to identify with your audience’s needs.

When Pokémon Go was released in the summer of 2016, many were quick to create content around it. YouTube channels, helpful websites, and merchandise all saw huge success basically overnight. But what if you started that website that sold Jigglypuff-shaped waffle makers and toasters now? Would it be as successful? Perhaps not.

3. Skip the Bureaucracy

There is no need to go through every Tom, Dick and Harry for all business decisions, and this is where smaller businesses shine. Jump right into content creation and fill any voids that need addressing, or that others haven’t gotten into yet. Communicate with anyone that you need to that you will be devoting a chunk of time to pushing out content quickly and get ‘er done.

4. Build a Website

This is your stage to present to the world, so make sure it stays true to your brand, or the brand you are hoping to develop. This is easily done by purchasing a domain from Rebel and using the oh-so-easy Weebly builder to create that beautiful website.

By having control over your own website, you are able to make changes as soon as ideas strike. If you wake up at 2 a.m. with the solution to creating a perfectly even cat eye, you can make a video and post it, just like that, rather than having to go through the steps and time of working with others.

So, get moving! Like my grandma used to say, “Nothing like a shot of tequila to start your day!” Well, she said that too, but more pertinently, “There is no time like the present.”

Let's go!

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