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How Your Website's Name Can Bolster Holiday Sales

That online sales during the holidays are a huge deal is no surprise. In the United States, shoppers spent as much as $3.3 billion in 2016 on those sweet, sweet Black Friday deals. Traditionally, Black Friday has been the domain of brick and mortar stores, but today the online sales are just as popular - if not more so. That's why it's imperative for online sellers to have a strong strategy for Black Friday and holiday promotions to entice customers to take out that credit card.

In this post, we will discuss some ideas to get you started on building a dedicated landing page for your holiday deals and promotions. By choosing an innovative domain name and building it as an online asset that you own, you can establish authority that grows bigger and better each year.

What makes a website show up in search results?

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A website will rank higher on search results if it has quality, authentic content along with backlinks from other reputed sites. However, when users see your website in search results, they will decide to click on it based on how much they trust you. This is where your domain name plays a key role.

For example, a website such as 870521webstore.com can rank high on search engine results if it has relevant content and backlinks, but it is unlikely that customers would click on it. Why? Because the website name does not display any credibility. Compare that to www.blackfriday.store, and a customer is more likely to click on it because it communicates far more than just the website’s address.

How can you get a website name that stands out for your Black Friday sales? Here are some interesting ideas to get you started! You can get these and similar .STORE domain names at Rebel right now.

1) Make it keyword rich

When it comes to backlinks, the anchor text matters. If you have the website ‘www.blackfriday.store’ and the anchor text is usually ‘Black Friday Store’, then the search engine gets a positive indication about the relevance of this website for those keywords. Hence, you can go for a keyword-rich domain name and fill up the website with relevant content and backlinks from reputed websites.

Some keyword-rich domain ideas are:
● blackfridaybargains.store
● blackfridaybuy.store
● blackfridayoffers.store

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2) Make it about your product category

You want to own a category? Get a domain name that's a category killer! If you wish to be known for what you sell, get a website that makes it explicit. Some ideas are:

● laptopdeals.store
● everyheadphone.store
● toysforall.store

3) Make it geo specific

Do you want to be the go-to destination for Black Friday deals in a specific location? Choose a domain name that helps you get there. Blend your location with relevant keywords and you're well on your way. For example:

● ukblackfriday.store
● parisblackfriday.store
● blackfridaychicago.store

Once you have your domain name and website ready, you can pack your product pages with relevant keywords and obtain relevant backlinks to your homepage and product pages. Getting backlinks to pages other than your homepage indicates to search engines that you have a living, breathing website with original content. You can also reach out to bloggers and industry influencers to review your products to help you get backlinks and discovered by new audiences.

Search for some fun .STORE domain names that fit your online business and be well on your way to creating a sweet online property for your holiday sales.



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How Your Website's Name Can Bolster Holiday Sales
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