It isn’t only brick and mortar companies that have an impact on the physical world around them.

Even if the thing you’re selling isn’t tangible, the way you run your business can be good for the world or bad for it. That’s why it’s important to choose ethical suppliers for everything — even your domain and hosting. Here are some things to consider:

Build Relationships

No one likes to deal with a company where you’re reduced to a customer number or an order ID, and where you’re promptly forgotten after purchase. Steer clear of the supplier vampire, and look for companies that continue to work with you and support you as you use their services.

When you’re picking a host, make sure to find out what kind of customer support they offer. If your website goes down in the middle of the night right before your product launch, who you gonna call? Will Maria in El Paso be there on the phone to soothe away your tears and repair your databases? Will John in Woodville be available via live chat to explain why your CSS isn’t being applied?

Just like a good partner, a good host should actually care about you and want you to succeed. If they’re eager to share and promote your stories and ideas, that’s a really good sign.

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Photo by Johnson Wang / Unsplash

Support Industry Growth

“No man is an island,” said John Donne (or was that Jimmy Buffett?), and that goes for businesses, too. We can’t exist in isolation, so it’s super important to help nurture the industry around us. Support businesses that are committed to furthering development in their field, and who are open and transparent about their operating practices. Look for companies that sponsor educational programs, provide funding for research or volunteer their time to help others learn.

At Rebel, we support bomb-ass organizations like Ladies Learning Code that help build communities and foster lifelong learning. Having more awesome female coders means improving the whole industry—and that’s good for everyone.

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Photo by Nina Strehl / Unsplash

Give Back

We get it—when you’re a new business just starting out, it can be super tough to make enough money just to keep the lights on. But once you’re making bank, it’s time start giving back. Help build that mentality by partnering with other companies who do, too.

Ask potential suppliers what they do to support charities and non-profits. At Rebel, we give a 15% discount on our products to charities and non-profits through our “Thoughtful 15” program. We also believe that those who contribute make us better, so when one of our employees contributes to a charitable cause, we’ll match it.

In the end, a good host-customer relationship should go beyond taking your money. So look to work with suppliers who want to lift people up and who are really trying to make a difference in the world—whether that’s through charitable donations, sponsoring various programs or promoting the work of their customers.

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