There are a lot of originals in this world. The original fast food company, A&W, started in 1919 (god bless the Teen Burger, am I right?) The original jeans, the Levi’s 401s, have been making booties look great since 1873. And of course, dating all the way back to 1985, the original domain extension: .COM.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, all these things actually do have something in common: they work. I’ve never met an A&W product I don’t like, nor have I swayed far from Levi’s indigo denim. And I sure as heck am accustomed to surfing the web on .COM domains every single day.

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So, when you’re starting out your business and have a whole lot of things to worry about—like how to promote your business, how to hire your first employee, or where to put the water cooler—the last thing you need to worry about is a domain extension. Here are some ways a .COM extension can help.

It Makes Your Audience Comfortable

Your audience will automatically have a feeling of trust for your web presence because they too have known .COM since the beginning. Combined with a clever and eye catching domain name, your site will be memorable to your visitors and keep them coming back.

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It Looks F***n Credible

The old proverb “fake it ’til you make it” applies here. When you’re just starting off with your business, it is always key to seem successful. So, why not add to that by throwing down a .COM at the end of your domain? Like wearing a parka over three sweaters in the dead of winter, people will think you’re bigger than you are, which, in this case, is a great thing.

There is Room to Grow

Starting out as a local business or brand? Not quite ready to jump into international waters? That’s okay! .COM allows you to grow into your swim trunks. When and if you do start to expand your company, you can add other creative or location-based domains. But to start, .COM is a one stop shop.

Global Search Engine Advantages

People from around the globe may pop onto your site just by instinctively typing in .COM at the end of your brand name. This allows for a strong presence of your company, as well as making it easier to casually toss out your domain when you’re talking with others. Networking can be daunting for some (see our tips here), but is so important, so why not just make it that much easier?

It Just Makes You Feel Good

So much of entrepreneurship is psyching yourself up into wholeheartedly believing in what you are doing. Talking yourself up, saying daily mantras, and working constantly even if it’s a small project are all things that happen in order to make yourself feel that “hey, this is working!” Acquiring a .COM domain is no different. It’s just one more step on the way from you thinking, “Maybe this will take off,” to “Heck yes! I am doing it!”

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You’ve known .COM since the beginning, since computers had to make weird sounds for what seemed like hours before connecting to the internet. It’s been there for you through Facebook breakups, overextended Sephora shopping sprees, and countless years of Reddit-ing articles about haunted food trucks. And now, it can be there for you as you continue your journey to success.

Fact: getting a .COM domain on sale will make your day at least 2x better. And when it comes with a free one-page website, round-the-clock support, professional email and more… we’re thinking at least 10x better.
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