So you finished design school. High five! And now, you just have to decide exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life, build a professional website that showcases your skills, and find steady work in the real world. No problem, right?

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little stressed out. You’ll be fine, we promise. In fact, we can do you one better and help out (with the website part, anyway). First things first—picking your domain. Here’s what we recommend:


This one kind of goes without saying. It’s clear, it’s elegant and it says exactly what you want to do. Actually, what you do. No “want to” here. Using the right language is key for building authority.

When you’re just starting out as a designer, you’re likely going to want to use your name as a brand. Here’s the challenge: doesn’t communicate anything to your visitors that your ID cards couldn’t. And is super long, which is not ideal in a domain. Enter .design. Solves both those problems, and yours is probably still available. Double check here.


Do you think of yourself more as a visual artist than a graphic designer? Are you creating pieces that are beautiful or thought-provoking for their own sake, rather than to fill a specific corporate need? Consider .art for your domain. It’s just as short as .com, and it helps build your brand as an artist. And it’ll be available soon, we promise!

Just make sure you don’t have an ‘f’ before the dot, or you’ll end up with a domain name fail like


What are you going to put on your site? A lot of the content will be samples of your design, right? Every design grad and visual artist needs an online portfolio. And what better place to host that than a .gallery domain?

If you don’t have many samples of your own projects yet, you could show your aesthetic and build your brand by sharing examples of amazing design that inspires you, or curating a collection of work by other designers you know. Either way, a .gallery domain is the way to go.


“Design” is such a huge umbrella term. It can encompass anything from fine art to UX design. When you’re starting out, it can be tempting to say you can do any type of design work—but if you don’t have experience to back up that claim, it can make it sound like you don’t really know what you’re doing. Instead, find your niche and specialize.

Is that niche graphics? It could be, if you love creating beautiful graphics for brands, websites or print or do a kick-ass job of logo design. If graphics is your bread and butter, sign up for a .graphics domain.

Getting a relevant domain is a great first step to making your mark as a designer. Once you’ve got that locked down, you can use easy tools like Weebly to lay out a beautiful site you’ll be proud to share.

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