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Why Amazon Redirects Their .ART Domain

Building a website can take a long time. But you can start working on your digital image right away by making use of what you already have.

Amazon and .ART

What does one find at www.amazon.art? All Amazon products related to art: books, drawing materials, paintings, funky socks. This is Amazon’s way of saying that their range of products related to arts and crafts is so extensive that it deserves a separate domain name, while still allowing it to have its own place as a sub-section on their original .com website.

In a similar way, you can choose a section of your existing website and highlight it with a .art domain for marketing purposes and print.

Photo by Ian Williams / Unsplash

Why redirect?

1. To give your social media profile a professional appearance
British artist Lewissa Wilson, for instance, has chosen to place her Instagram profile link behind a concise .ART domain at www.lewissa.art.

2. To shorten a free domain name that comes with a website builder
Illustrator Sarah Burgess found a way to make her life easier: her name&surname domain redirects to her website with a generic default domain name, which would have not looked very consistent with her sleek, artistic image: www.sburgess.art.

3. To give the e-commerce platform you use an individualised appearance
A jewellery designer chose to use Etsy, an established online platform, while giving it an attractive “packaging” with a custom .ART domain: www.eteniren.art.

Photo by Hin Bong Yeung / Unsplash

Redirecting for Advertising

Bank of America is marketing their art conservation projects through www.bofa.art, which redirects to a section on their main .com website dedicated to it. In this simple way, the organisation is showing that this is not part of their com(mercial) activity, but rather something they do with a different motivation and reasoning.

If you are a business organisation involved in charity, social or cultural activities, a .ART domain will be a simple marketing tool to bring attention to a different side of your business.

You don’t need to build a complicated professional website to be a part of .ART. Work with what you already have: your profile pages on social media, artistic and e-commerce networks, your WordPress blog, a section of your existing website, or a simple landing page you can make in a few hours with a website builder (like the one Rebel offers, free with any .art domain purchase).

Get your .ART domain from Rebel now for just $17.99.



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Why Amazon Redirects Their .ART Domain
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