Picture it: you wake up with the ocean at your doorstep. While you are sipping your morning coffee in a tropical paradise, you open your laptop to do a little work.

For many of us, the thought of being able to work remotely has been an unattainable dream. It's just too good to be true, right?

Enter Unsettled, a community of people who travel to exotic locales to work remotely for one month.

The Unsettled Story

Unsettled is for those who embrace uncertainty and value meaningful human connection. Who realize that feeling a little bit "unsettled" is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and exploration. Who believe that it's in times of transition, travel, and movement when we feel most alive, inspired, and receptive to the people and ideas that spark growth.

The Unsettled community itself consists of dreamers and doers, designers and developers, explorers and entrepreneurs. Their interests, skills, and life experiences are vastly different, and yet they bring everyone together in their common desire to learn from each other and improve their own lives.

Photo by Luiz Hanfilaque / Unsplash

How It Works

When you join Unsettled, you are choosing to spend a month of your life in a community of people who live with intention. This is a community for those who strive to live up to the best version of themselves - to reflect on where they come from and to follow their purpose into the future.

The various experiences aim to give you the time, space, and (un)structure to break out of your routine and get inspired. They provide private accommodations, full-time coworking space access, peer-to-peer workshops, local events, and an incredible curated community of peers.You can live Unsettled and still be productive. That's the point.

Where You Can Go

There's an Unsettled destination that is sure to fit your tastes!

Photo by Brás Cubas / Unsplash

  • Bali
  • Colombia
  • Morocco
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Nicaragua
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • British Virgin Islands (by boat)

The Experience

Bali participant Sonal Kotecha gave a taste of what Unsettled is like on a recent blog post:

"Before I had even boarded the flight, I’d written down in excitement all of the things that I wanted to do whilst I was on my trip. I made myself a clear list of personal and professional goals backed with great intention: from books to read, articles to write and elements of my business to prepare. But, just like they’d warned us at the beginning, the time flew by and each day presented itself with new opportunities, from trekking through jungles while wading through deep murky waters, to attending workshops hosted by other deeply passionate people on a similar journey."

So What's This Blog All About?

At Rebel, we are all about personal growth and giving our employees all the tools they need to feel fulfilled in their careers. So our very own Miranda will be taking an Unsettled trip to Bali in April 2018!

Stay tuned to the Rebel blog and our Twitter and Instagram profiles for dispatches from Miranda as she explores Bali.

Photo by Jared Rice / Unsplash

Learn more about Unsettled and take a trip of your own here.