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Why Your Website is an Extension of Your Personal Brand

What exactly is a personal brand? Is it a logo? A colour palette? Both are important aspects of a personal brand, but a personal brand is so much more than visuals.

A personal brand is how your audience feels about you and what you share. It is the tone of voice in your copy and the design style you use throughout your work. It is the representation of your core values and beliefs.

Your website is your opportunity to take your personal branding beyond products and visuals and give your audience a deeper and richer brand experience. Your logo and branding can only communicate so much on their own, which is why extending your personal branding onto your website is so integral.

Your website is your opportunity to give your audience a great experience and sell yourself to them. It is also most likely the place people will have the most interaction with your brand, so you’ll need to make the experience as enjoyable as possible to keep your audience coming back again and again!

There are many ways you can represent your personal branding through your website. The end goal is that, when certain elements are used, people will instantly think of you and your personal brand.


Your personal branding will be represented by fonts chosen by you, and your website is a perfect place to highlight these fonts. The choice of font you use both within your personal branding and website communicates a lot about your brand visually. Whimsical calligraphy-style fonts can portray a romantic, feminine style whilst a strong sans serif can show a bold, modern style. Just be sure to keep your fonts limited to 2-4 maximum. You don’t want to overload your visitors!


Websites are a perfect place to show off gorgeous imagery associated with your brand. If you’re a photographer, artist or animator, you can easily create portfolio pages, icons, illustrations and headers featuring your work. If your brand is more service-based, use high-quality imagery portraying your services to enhance the viewer’s experience when reading through what you offer. Strong imagery will show much higher levels of professionalism and gain you more trust than low-quality images, so be sure to put extra effort into using gorgeous imagery that reflects your brand’s personal style.


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If you hop onto any popular websites or social media platforms you’ll notice how seamlessly they implement their brand colours, whether it’s used as an accent colour on buttons or to emphasise certain fonts. Brands are doing this so well that I now associate certain shades of colour with certain brands!

Brand Voice

The visuals of your website are essential to getting visitors to stick around longer than 5 seconds, but the content on your website is what will keep visitors around and get them coming back again and again. Now it’s time to build this content up with strong writing. Establishing a brand voice will give you a deeper connection with your audience, so take a few minutes to think about what kind of voice your personal brand will have. Is it relaxed or professional? Is it family-friendly or quite happy to drop a few f-bombs occasionally? There are no rules on what brand voice you should have, but just make sure it’s consistent across all platforms.

Clear Navigation

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I’m sure you’ve visited a website before only to promptly exit it 30 seconds later due to a confusing layout. This is a hugely negative experience on your customers/readers, so be sure to make navigation across your website as seamless as possible. Whether your brand is product or service-based, you want the quality of your products and services to be synonymous with your website, so make it simple to use. Ensure each page contains a call-to-action button, employ the use of menus so it’s easy to find popular content and don’t overload your pages with anything complicating or unnecessary.

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Milli Berman

Milli Berman

A design student by day & freelancer by night. She enjoys spending her evenings working on bringing her new business to life & creating content to help fellow aspiring designers & entrepreneurs.

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Why Your Website is an Extension of Your Personal Brand
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