Whether you’re running a business, building a startup, working for the man, or doing whimsical and crafty things in your spare time, you always need resources to help you stay organized, focused, on point, and productive as hell.

We compiled a list of our favourite tools and resources for keeping your cool 24/7. (I promise it won’t just be your mom who thinks you’re cool)

Productivity and Organization

8j38fY3D Asana
A robust web and mobile app for teams to track all of their tasks, projects, progress, and communicate on those tasks, all within the same platform.

JiszgZdZ Trello
Another great tool to track everything whether you’re flying solo or working with a team. Trello makes it super easy for everyone to be in the know.

0IQHxBU3Google Drive
Keep everyone on the same page and cut down on unnecessary emails when you have everything in one place that’s easily editable and shareable.

I love Evernote for keeping all of my meeting notes and to do lists for projects. The search functionality is reminiscent of Mac in how it finds EVERYTHING.

If you’re a serial list maker like me, as well as forgetful, Wunderlist will be your best friend. Make simple to-do lists with reminders, notes, tags, etc. and access it on any device or desktop. 

Passion PlannerPassion Planner
Paper lovers rejoice. This is the only planner I’ve ever used consistently. I swear it’s a full time job trying to find the perfect planner, and most just miss the spot.

Wipebook is a whiteboard turned into a notebook. I love using this for meetings, planning, and brainstorming.

Hands down, one of the most important tools to Rebel. Agile. Learn how to use it here.

Communication, HR, Employee Engagement

A big tool in our office – Skype has literally replaced our office phones.

349dc6f270e53cbe09cd05f6c032fc67 Slack
A favorite at Rebel. Similar to Skype but greater functionality and customization. Slack is fun, and makes office gif parties easy and hilarious.

Ask your employees questions about culture, leadership, happiness or anything you want to gauge their feeing on- and get anonymous answers. We love this wonderful tool!

aYF3YNq7 Small Improvements
Set goals and objectives throughout the year and watch your progress. This tool also lets you conduct and share performance reviews.

Vote on problems, ideas, or questions within your organization. A great way to keep track of new product ideas, bugs that need fixes, your next potluck theme, etc.

8eb1943f827b568755031f7bcdc2e4f0Uber conference
If you’re tired of less than stellar online conference experiences, meet Uber Conference. It’s easy to use, no pins or weird installations.

The easiest way to book time off, see who is out of the office, and familiarize yourself with your coworkers if you’re a newbie.

Glassdoor gives you insight into company culture with employee reviews that cover everything from perks to benefits, salaries, and interview questions. It’s anonymous, so you won’t find any BS here.

Social Media Management and Marketing

3dynAKiy Sprout
We love Sprout for scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing all of our social channels. Sprout also has outstanding reporting features so it’s easy to share progress reports with your team.

Buffer is another great tool with appealing price points if you’re on a budget, a basic plan starting at $10/month. They also have a great blog packed full of insightful tips and tools.

KHZK_ufn Hootsuite
One of the longest-running social media tools out there, so it’s well recognized and trusted. You can set it up to have all of your feeds on one page, so it’s easy to see what’s happening at a glance.

Most social media management tools have free trials, so be sure to check them out.

insight tools

a4ia-MPOGoogle Analytics
One of the easiest and most recognized ways to track and analyze what’s going on with your website.

An all-in-one online business dashboard that tracks whatever you tell it to. Connect it with the tools and apps you already use to see your data in one place.

Build and share real-time dashboards similar to Cyfe with tons of integration options.

Rp3TD7G3Google Trends
Analyze Google’s data and visualizations to see what’s coming, what’s been popular when, and how trends change over time. This is a great insight tool.

Use import.io to collect your own data from websites without writing any code. Just enter the URL and they’ll transform the web page into data that you can download as a CSV or save as an API.


Ad tools

Facebook AdsFacebook Advertising
Get yourself set up with a business account on Facebook for advertising. You can also publish ads on Instagram via your account, so it’s easy to kill a couple birds with one stone.

Twitter AdsTwitter Advertising
Advertising on Twitter is a great option if you have engaging imagery and copy. The ads feel a part of the platform as opposed to a loud and out there ad. This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to feel more like a recommendation from a friend, which will likely convert you faster than an ad.

AdRoll is a retargeting platform that enables you to advertise on multiple social platforms as well as the web. The way they deliver ads to potential customers differs from how Facebook and Twitter do it within their own platform, so it’s a great option for your marketing efforts.

Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords
Pay-per-click advertising for text based, image based, and video based ads. AdWords can be a great platform to drive brand awareness and leads, but it can also be risky if you’re not well-versed in how it works. It’s easy to lose a lot of money on AdWords if you’re in a saturated market, so be sure to do some research before you jump into this one.

design resources

Creative MarketCreative Market
The Etsy of design goods. They’ve got everything you need to build a memorable brand online – fonts, stock photos, graphics, presentation templates, website templates, and more.

BONUS every Monday Creative Market launches 6 free goods. I would definitely recommend downloading their goods every Monday. 

Font SquirrelDa FontsGoogle Fonts

Free Stock Photos – Check out our full list of 74 Stock Photo Sites You Should be Using

Make sure you always double check the licensing when you’re using a photo. And if you can, source the artist.

If you’re into GIF parties, then you definitely need Giphy

For editing images

Snappa Snappa.io
Snappa pairs free stock images with a handy dandy editor. Pick the platform you’re making an image for and it knows the size it needs to be. It’s easy to pump out beautiful images with text and graphics. 

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop
For advanced users. It’s pretty well the gold standard for graphic designers, but requires a decent amount of work to learn how to use it if you’re not familiar with graphic design and image manipulation.

A great free tool for beginners to advanced users. Choose your skill level and you’ll get an editing layout that works for your knowledge level. Their advanced platform mimics photoshop.

Canva Canva
Super simple way to create beautiful images and documents with tons of fonts and layouts to choose from. Try it for free!

PabloPablo by Buffer
A great image editor Pablo is cool because it’s built into Buffer, so you can make images for your social accounts in a jiffy.

Creative interactive infographics and online charts

An intuitive, easy-to-use infographic platform that helps non-designers create beautiful visuals.

Unmistakable CreativeUnmistakable Creative

Self described as a podcast for “instigators, rebels and and people with a pathological inability to accept the status quo”. We couldn’t agree more. This is our go-to for constant inspiration, growth, and challenging what we know.

F2MtzPgJ Soul Pancake
Viral video content that will melt your heart, make you cry, feel inspired to make your mark online, open up to a stranger, and talk about things that matter.

TEDTalksTED talks
The ultimate source for motivating and inspiring education from people all around the world. TED talks are always on our playlists. Start with Simon Sinek!

Flipboard Flipboard
Save great articles, videos, and photos into beautiful digital magazines you can share and take anywhere.

Interactive, up-to-date, and extremely useful modern ‘how-to’ guides for everything under the sun.


A network of beautiful spaces that you can unlock on-demand to work, meet, and relax. Rebel loves using these for creative brainstorm sessions.

Provides you with the space, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living.

If you’re the type of person that needs good tunes to focus, try 8tracks. Listen to millions of playlists for free, all lovingly handcrafted by people like you who know and love music.

Spotify is a great alternative to 8tracks if you want to build your own playlists. It’s not free, but it has an epic database of music to choose from to craft the perfect playlist.

swag on point JakprintsJakprints
Artists, musicians, dreamers, and hard workers that enjoy seeing creativity come to life by printing paper, apparel, stickers, and banners.

Sticker MuleStickermule
Custom stickers that kick ass. Sticker Mule is the fastest and easiest way to buy custom stickers.

Lumi Lumi
Lumi has a great collection of supplies that you can brand in a jiffy. If you like simple but beautiful designs, you’ll love Lumi.

landing pages

Instapage Instapage
Create beautiful landing pages in minutes with easy to use templates and a drag and drop builder. Integrate with tools to help your campaigns, a/b test your landing pages, collect leads, and more.

Build high-converting mobile responsive landing pages to power your marketing campaigns.

Create and split test responsive landing pages, sales pages, and conversion pages.

customer insight

Survey Monkey Survey Monkey
Create and publish online surveys quickly and easily.

hotjarHot jar
Hotjar is loaded with features to give you insight – heat maps, conversion funnels, user session recordings, surveys, recruiting user testers, etc.

Crazy EggCrazy egg
Another great tool to see what your users are doing on your website. Use heat maps, scroll maps, click maps, etc.

UserTesting UserTesting
Want feedback on digital products or your site? Sign up for user testing and pick the segments of people you’re after. Give them some instructions on what you’d like from them and they’ll give you audio feedback on what you’ve asked them. This is a great tool to understand the user experience with your product or site so you can make changes that have positive impacts.


These days there are a ton of blog and site builders to choose from for crafting your online presence. The one that’s best for you will depend on your needs – take some time to check out each one and see what you like.

PLUS, all of Rebel’s domains integrate with these builders!

These are our favourites:


Bring your vision to life with Weebly and their beautiful themes that are easy to set up with their drag and drop builder. They’ve got you covered whether you need a blog, basic site,  or ecommerce site.

Wordpress WordPress
WordPress is a robust platform for blogging and one pagers. If you’re serious about getting into blogging, WordPress offers a suite of features to make it easy to publish content and schedule posts. It’s easy to set up and has unlimited options for free and beautiful templates.

Blogger is great because it’s free and easy to connect it with your domain. Blogger tends to be quite popular for simple blogging as there are many resources for free and beautiful templates online.

One of the veteran’s in building beautiful blogs, sites, and online shops. I’d recommend Shopify if you’re looking to start selling online. Keep in mind when choosing Shopify that their sites are coded a little differently than most, so you will need support from developers who understand Shopify’s setup.

Squarespace is another site that excels in aesthetically pleasing sites that are simple to set up. Whether you just need a blog, one pager, or a full ecommerce set up, they do it all. Their platform is by far my favourite when it comes to laying out pages and content with ease on your site.

Create a free website, store, or blog with Wix. With over 200 app integrations to choose from, you’ll be set for whatever you need when crafting your presence online.

A microblogging and social media network at the same time. If you’re looking for something super simple and focused on visuals, you’ll like Tumblr. Depending on your business, you might want to consider pairing a Tumblr site with a flagship site as opposed to making it the one and only.

I hope this behemoth post helps you on your way to crafting an online presence! Are there any others resources you’d like to know about? Comment and let me know!

Miranda Boisvert

Miranda is Rebel’s Marketing Manager for New Customers. She’s passionate about analyzing what drives and inspires people to contribute online. With a background in gender studies, criminology, and customer relations, she brings a unique perspective to digital strategy and connecting to people with authenticity and sincerity. In her spare time she’s an amateur anthropologist (read: people watcher) and a champion of the oxford comma. She was also voted most likely to get a rebel tattoo.


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