Gone are the days of paying an obscene amount of money for a beautiful image. We’ve rounded up 74 of the best free stock photo sites on the web for you to use. Plus, we kept the chit-chat to a minimum so it won’t take you a year to scroll through all of the options.

Most of the sites listed here don’t require attribution for the photos, but always double check the attribution requirements before you use an image.

This post was originally published on 05/20/2016 and updated on 02/15/2019.

Short on time? Here's a simplified list.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Canva
  3. Natural Women Collection by Canva
  4. Stocksnap.io
  5. Magdeleine.co
  6. Flickr
  7. Burst by Shopify
  8. Jeshoots
  9. New Old Stock
  10. Reshot
  11. SkitterPhoto
  12. Jopwell
  13. Styled Stock
  14. Raw Pixel
  15. PikiWizard
  16. PolarFox
  17. Grallim
  18. Scatter Jar
  19. Get Refe
  20. We Function
  21. Death to Stock
  22. Picjumbo
  23. Superfamous
  24. Freemage Bank
  25. Foter
  26. Negativespace
  27. Public Domain Archive
  28. Morgue File
  29. Streetwill
  30. Stokpic
  31. Pixabay
  32. Free Images
  33. Free JPG
  34. IM Creator
  35. ISO Republic
  36. Plixs
  37. Pexels
  38. Libre Shot
  39. RGB Stock
  40. MMT
  41. Visual Hunt
  42. Picography
  43. Free Stocks
  44. Snapwire
  45. Pond5
  46. Good Stock Photos
  47. Splitshire
  48. Gratisography
  49. Albumarium
  50. Realistic Shots
  51. Creative Commons Search
  52. Epicantus
  53. Kaboompics
  54. Fancy Crave
  55. High Resolution Photography
  56. Raumrot
  57. Life of Pix
  58. Stockvault
  59. Smithsonian Archive
  60. Splashbase
  61. Find a Photo
  62. Jay Mantri
  63. Travel Coffee Book
  64. Cupcake
  65. Free Nature Stock
  66. Moveast.me
  67. Free Stock Image Point
  68. Barn Images
  69. Bucketlistly
  70. Little Visuals
  71. Startup Stock Photos
  72. Hubspot
  73. Foodies Feed
  74. Free Food Photos
  75. Food Everest
  76. Dreamstime
  77. Deposit Photos

All categories

We love the selection on stocksnap.io and use it frequently for our marketing needs. They’re also a local company in Ottawa, Canada, so we love supporting local!

They post a new hi-res photo every day and have an awesome gallery to browse with a ton of filtering options so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Hi-res photos for business or personal use.

New Old Stock
A collection of vintage photos from the public archives. The perfect place if you’re looking for something with that oldschool character.

Unsplash falls a little more in the stunning landscape category, but also has a great mix of tech, lifestyle, architecture and people. You can subscribe to Unsplash to get 10 new photos in your inbox every week.

Sites similar to Unsplash that we also like:

Morgue File
Morgue File is a good combination of candid looking shots and the standard stock photo feel, so this is a good one if you’re not sure which style you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for rustic, look no further. Streetwill compiles a great pick of rustic photos in all categories.

A great selection of bright and beautifully saturated photos, plus tons of categories to choose from so it’s easy to find what you want.

Other free stock sites that excel in bright and saturated:

All photos here are free for commercial use by the exceptional photographer and UX/UI designer Jeffrey Betts.

Visual Hunt
An epic gallery with millions of images from multiple sources, and another site where you can filter by color.

A great collection of crisp and clean photos from a slick branding and design agency, hiddendepth.

Free Stocks
Plenty of lifestyle and tech shots to choose from here, as well as landscapes, music production, food, and architecture.

Snapwire is on a mission to provide authentic photography to the world, for free. They don’t disappoint with their selection of feel-good shots that don’t look stocky in the slightest.

Thousands of historic media files, all for public use, include video and audio!

Good Stock Photos
Another site similar to Stokpic, but they get a shoutout for using the .photos domain!

A great place to start if you’re looking for photos that are a little more whimsical and wacky.

Not actually pictures of Hobbit’s in their natural habitat as I had thought. You’ll find gorgeous grungy photos with plenty of types to choose from.

Albumarium has you covered from a-z in categories, but I was delighted to discover they have a category just for Redheads (I’m an aspiring redhead.)

Realistic Shots
Self-described as the place to go for non-cliché photos, and they’re not lying. 

Creative Commons Search
Search multiple databased for attribution-free content across the web

Landscapes and lifestyle shots that will melt your heart and make you wish you went on more adventures.

Similar to Epicantus:

High Resolution Photography
Note their creative use of a .photography domain (get yours here!)

A small collection of beautiful lifestyle imagery for modern creatives.

Life of Pix
Gorgeous photos added every week, handmade with love by another Canadian crew, Leeroy

Over 71,000 free photos, textures, and art illustrations

Smithsonian Archive
The official Smithsonian Institution Flickr archive, most photos have no attribution requirements. Another hotspot for vintage shots.

Here you can search other stock libraries in one place, so it’s a good time-saver if you’re in a pinch.

Find a Photo
Another stock provider that lets you browse photos by colour.

Travel, Landscapes, Adventure

Photo by Alfred Aloushy / Unsplash

Jay Mantri
You’ll find a lot of Jay’s gorgeous shots on Unsplash and some of the other popular sites above. He’s got an awesome collection of beautiful nature shots, outdoor landscapes, adventures, and more.

Travel Coffee Book
Sharing beautiful travel moments with epic photos that make me feel more and more like a hermit.

Stunning photos that give you all the warm feels of a sepia filter without being too… sepia-y?

Free Nature Stock
‘Nuff said.

Self-described as a site dedicated to the journey of a Portuguese guy moving that decided every photo should be used for free. Try not to get all wanderlust-y browsing his photos.

Free Stock Image point
Awe-inducing travel shots from around the globe

Barn Images
Not actually images of barns! A stunning collection of landscapes and other categories.

2800+ Travel photos with those gorgeous hipster filters everyone pretends they don’t like but secretly love.

Little Visuals
While more focused on bright and airy landscapes, you will also find some great shots of vintage cameras and hipster-esque tech.

Business, Tech, Startups

A person's hands on a laptop keyboard with a smartphone and a wallet nearby
Photo by Fabian Irsara / Unsplash

Startup Stock Photos
An amazing collection of tech photos, people working in offices, desktop accessory shots, etc minus that pretentious and cold business vibe. Just real people, hanging out, working.

Download 160 business themed stock photos for free from one of the most well know inbound marketing platforms out there.


Photo by Brooke Lark / Unsplash

These ones are pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll leave it up to you to explore them.

Foodies Feed

Free Food Photos

Food Everest

Did we miss your favourite free stock site? Let us know!