You've most likely heard of WordPress (it does power over one third of the internet, after all). But what's the deal with Managed WordPress? And why did the crew recently power-up our Managed WordPress offering? Read on to find out why Managed WordPress might be right for you.

It's Automatic

Love WordPress but hate the maintenance? We hear you. With Managed WordPress, everything is automatic - like updates, backups, patches, and malware removal. This frees you up to build your business and your online community.

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It's Super Fast

Here's the thing: if your site takes more than 1 second to load, visitors get annoyed. Yes, we said 1 second - there's research to back it up. But with Managed WordPress, your site can load in 200 milliseconds or less. That's because all those things that slow your site down - outdated plugins, spam, and sluggish servers - are a thing of the past when you choose Rebel's Managed WordPress.

Already have a website, but are not happy with its performance? We have a tune-up package that will get your site humming along smoothly in no time.
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It's Easy to Sell Products

Many people think of WordPress as a blogging platform, and while it is great for that, too, there are tons of plugins that enable you to sell your products with ease. With Rebel's Managed WordPress, you get access to WooCommerce so you can start selling online in minutes. From physical products to subscriptions, you won't be limited with WooCommerce. The best part? You pay no transaction fees to Rebel or WooCommerce.

But wait - there's more! These are only 3 reasons to use Managed WordPress, but when you choose to host with Rebel you get so much more - like access to our 24/7 award-winning support, free hosting migration, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Power up your online presence with Rebel's Managed WordPress now - you'll save 70% on your first year for a limited time.