Our dev team has been hard at work (from home) on tons of new features and products. In the first instalment of our new series, we check in with the Rebel development team to get an overview of all the cool stuff they've been doing - and what they have in store for the rest of 2020!

Web Hosting Updates

  • Upgraded all of our servers to Plesk Obsidian.  
  • Added MailChannels for outbound email filtering and spam protection.
  • Added Imunify360 to protect your hosting.
  • Rebuilt the architecture for our Classic Hosting, and now consistently see less than 1 second load times.

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Added two-factor authentication as an option for all Rebel accounts, so you can add in an extra layer of security to protect your domains and web hosting.
  • Why should you enable two-factor authentication? Read our blog post.
  • Your step-by-step guide to enabling this important new feature.

Website Modernization

We're working hard to modernize and upgrade our website, and you've likely already seen some of the results (our new homepage and navigation bar is just one example). This ongoing modernization project includes the use of Gatsby, StateMachines and our own public components repo.

One of our front end developers, Mat Dupont, has given talks on the work we are doing using React through his participation in the React Ottawa virtual group. Follow along on their Twitter.

New Products

Why is web security so important? Read more in our blog.
  • Rebel Website Design: Recently updated to meet the needs of business owners during the pandemic, including the ability to design features like curbside pickup scheduling, selling products online with WooCommerce, and much more. Get started by contacting our team today!

What's coming up in Q3 and Q4?

All we have to say is: G SUITE!

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