In this weeks SoulPancake instalment, Srinivas Rao and Brian Koehn tell us the story of how the Unmistakable Creative came to be!


Srini: Well, first off, thank you to everybody for watching this series, for commenting, for checking us out. We’ve had a blast putting this together.

Brian: We’ve been loving seeing the comments. We wanted to take a moment to share with you how this series came together.

Srini: Honestly, it started by accident. I just graduated from business school and I was having a difficult time finding a job, so I needed a project to keep me busy so I didn’t spend the entire day looking for a job. So I started a blog, and as a by-product of that blog, I started a little interview series called “Interviews with Up-and-Coming Bloggers”, and eventually it evolved into what it is today.

Brian: One of the most defining conversations that I’ve had was with an inspiring guy by the name of Gary Goldstien. And he said, “I’ve always been inspired to make really amazing things and push it out as big as possible into the world.” You just decided to dive right in and it’s been, it’s been really fun.

Srini: It’s been a blast.

Srini: I think anytime you start a creative project, you’re risking the fact that, you know, maybe nobody will like it, nobody will read it, you know, you’ll hear crickets chirping. And the funny thing is, we experienced all of those things in the very beginning. We’ve been at this now since 2009. One of the people I interviewed said, “You know, you’re not a great writer, but you’ve got something with this interview thing. I think you should go all in on this and start it, and build it out as a separate site and be this podcast that interviews these people.”

Brian: You know, we’d seen a lot of podcasters doing things on Youtube, mainly, just taking a podcast audio and overlaying it over a slide, and we didn’t think that was very cool. And, so, we wanted to make something we knew people would love. You know, we thought, well we’ve got these amazing stories that keep coming out of the audio. What if we took those and we brought them to life visually with animation?

Srini: We always run it through the filter of, “if we don’t feel it, nobody else will”. And, that’s the thing. Like, we see something, we want it to light our eyes up because we know if it doesn’t light our eyes up, it’s hard to get, you know, an audience as excited about it. So, we love the work that we create as much as, you know, we hope our audience does.

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Srini: Next week is our final episode with Tim Ferriss. So tune in next Monday and check it out.

Brian: And let us know if there’s any other guests or episodes you want to see in the future. Leave a comment below.

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