We have the power to change our lives, even if it’s one little change at a time. In this video, Greg Hartle explains that our temporary circumstances do not have to become our permanent reality.


Your temporary circumstances do not have to become your permanent reality.

All of us have challenges and problems, but in almost all circumstances they’re temporary. But somehow, they get so infested in us that we think they’re permanent.

We’re not out of money, instead somehow we become poor.

We’re not experiencing a health challenge; somehow we become sick.

And we continue to turn temporary things into permanent things that prevent us from experiencing the life we really want to experience, and growing the way we really want to grow, and doing the things we really want to do.

And I know it’s hard. And I know you’re going to experience pain.

But you’re also going to experience joy, and excitement, and happiness.

We look at all those things and we think about them at the top, but it’s just one thing changing at a time. It’s looking at our current circumstances and becoming resourceful enough, and creative enough, and skilled enough, to make one change at a time.

One single change, that’s all you’ve gotta do.

The human heart beats 4000 times per hour. And every single beat, every single palpitation, every single one is a reminder to you: that you are still alive.

Live like it.

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Greg Hartle is an educator, author, and digital nomad. He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and has founded, co-founded, invested in, and/or advises for over a dozen companies.
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