You can have the best website and coolest business in the world, but none of that matters if no one can find it. What you need is to join the elite club that every digital marketer wants to get into—the first page of Google search results. Make sure your SERP performance knocks it out of the park with these 10 tools to boost the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site.


Not sure if what you’re saying has been said before? Working with freelance writers you’re not familiar with? Copyscape allows you to quickly check if any of the content on your page is plagiarized. This isn’t just about being original—duplicate content is bad for SEO. No download required, just enter your URL and cross your fingers for no results.

AMP Plugin

Slow load time = bad SEO, especially on mobile. It’s also just annoying, and you tend to lose a lot of traffic if your site takes a million years to load. Speed things up with the AMP WordPress plugin (AMP = accelerated mobile pages). It lightens up pages so they load more quickly.


This handy browser plugin can help you quickly dissect page elements. Get it to highlight links, show page elements and keywords, share social metrics, and more—all important on-page SEO factors you need to keep an eye on.

Rich Snippets Plugin

Want more effective search results in Google? This Rich Snippets plugin produces smart page summaries for Yahoo, Google, Bing and Facebook. Instead of just defaulting to the first few words on the page, it’ll share the info that actually matters—star ratings, authors, etc.—so you rank higher and people actually click. SSL Certificate

Getting hacked is expensive, embarrassing, and a giant pain in the ass. Having a secure site is also a huge boost for SEO. Our SSL certificates protect and secure any information exchanged on your website between you and your customers, such as names, addresses, and credit card details. Having HTTPS in your URL automatically boosts your Google ranking, too.

W3 Total Cache

This well-respected caching plugin has been around for ages. It helps reduce the load time for your website, which boosts SEO. And faster load times = everyone’s happy.


Got bots crawling all over your site, leaving behind spammy comments linking to unpleasant things? Clear the infestation with Akismet, a great comment blocker plugin.


Wondering where you went wrong? Enter your URL in Quicksprout, and they’ll send you an analysis of the SEO errors on your site and how to fix them. They’re also a great resource for learning more about SEO and digital marketing—check out their informative blog and the videos in Quicksprout University.


If you want to avoid downloading every tool out there, Woorank is a good comprehensive option. They can do a complete SEO analysis of any web page, including telling you what keywords your competitors are using. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry—they’ll make you a prioritized checklist, so you know what to tackle text.


No list of SEO tools would be complete without Yoast, the most well-known name in the industry. Their SEO plugin lets you edit meta descriptions and snippets, check SEO scores, analyze readability, clean up permalinks and more. They also offer online SEO training and ebooks. If you really want to get serious, you can also hire their team as consultants.

Secure your site – and get preferential ranking from Google – by grabbing an SSL certificate right now.

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