Today, you can start a business with almost no money at all—and we think that’s kind of magical. It means that people with creative ideas, not just people with rich friends, can make things happen. If you’re looking for ways to start a business without emptying your life savings, we’ve rounded up some practical tips to help.

Look to the Crowd

No money? No problem. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter can help you cover your initial costs—and set up a network of customers eager to buy from you at the same time. It’s been used to successfully fund everything from Emoji Dick to Meat Soap, so odds are you can make it work for you.

DIY Design

Can’t afford to hire a designer? That’s okay—the Internet can help. We’ve got a guide to help you create your own graphics right here on the blog.

If you’re still really struggling, there are ways to hire graphic designers without paying through the nose. Options like 99designs allow designers to bid on your project, so you can pick someone whose work you like, who also fits your budget.

Content is King

Advertising can be expensive—and unless you really do a creative job, people tend to tune it out. Supplement more budget-friendly outbound marketing campaigns with high-quality content on your site, like a relevant blog. It’ll help establish you as a thought leader in your industry, and if you make sure it’s all SEO-optimized, it’ll bring in organic traffic. If you’re creating that content yourself, the only cost is your time.

If You Build It

These days, you don’t need to be a pro web designer to design a kick-ass site. Tools like Rebel + Weebly make a professional website as easy as dragging and dropping a few blocks, so do yourself a favor and save a few thousand bucks. Got questions about how it all works? We’re around 24/7, so you can call our support line anytime.

Save on Your Domain

Getting your domain and web hosting doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Domains go on sale, just like everything else. At, you can get a $10.99 .COM and free 1 page website today!

When you’re starting a new business, we know you’re already putting your heart and soul into it, not to mention your time. So you shouldn’t have to bleed money into it, too. That’s for ramen and coffee. With a little thriftiness and creativity, you can get going in no time.