As long as the internet has been around, there have been security concerns. As protective features have grown, hacking, identity theft, and fraud have become more complex and sophisticated. There’s no denying that it takes savvy, software, and strict security policies to protect your online assets.

So what is doing for your security? In short: a lot. Here are some ways that we make sure to protect your domains and information.

SSL-Secured Website

Our website is secured with extremely comprehensive SSL certification. This means that your communications and interactions with us – including payment information – are protected from interception by hackers or malware. You can see the SSL is active by the padlock on your browser bar, and the “HTTPS” before our domain.

Account Verification

Your account is set up with a variety of key pieces of information that we use to verify your identity: your email, your user ID, your security questions, your domains, and more. Anytime you contact us, we verify several pieces of information to ensure that you are, in fact, the account administrator. While it may feel like a small hassle, we do this to prevent identity theft and fraudulent access to your domains and information.

Fraud Detection

We have automated systems to detect any fraudulent domain activity, as well as a dedicated staff member manually reviewing daily reports for anything suspicious. We work with legal authorities as well as our payment processor and credit card companies to eliminate fraud and hold the perpetrators responsible.

Server-Level Protection

We have a lot of specialized, technical features with our servers to prevent any attacks or malware. Our server structure and hierarchy was designed with security in mind, and is monitored by both software systems and staff members. Your DNS, hosting and email are safe with us.

Building Security

Our office has extremely restricted access. Even employees can only get in with biometric scanning through two secured entrance points, monitored by both employees and cameras. Any visitors to the building have restricted access and require an escort at all times. Access to our servers is restricted to only a handful of employees with the very highest level of clearance. As such, our facility is very well-protected.

Strict Transfer Process

In compliance with ICANN policies, we follow a strict procedure with transferring domains. We provide a lock on your domains and authorization codes to prevent any illicit transfers, as well as a comprehensive verification process. This includes verification with the domain registrant, communication with the new registrar, and a window of up to 5 days to ensure that the domain transfer is legitimate. We also send you a confirmation email once the domain transfer has been initiated to provide one last opportunity to be alerted of any domain hijacking.

GlobalSign SSL

We chose our SSL provider, GlobalSign, to be our CA (certificate authority) because they have a long-standing history, extremely high standards, and the highest level of protection available with SSL. They offer a comprehensive SSL service that we believe can meet all of your needs.