We hate to say it, but you can't always find the domain name you want if you limit yourself to .com. Luckily, if you expand your thinking - and your horizons - you can find exactly what you're looking for with .XYZ.

They were the first choice of Google when they launched their ambitious Alphabet project. (Is there a cooler domain name than abc.xyz? We think not.)

We’ve assembled a list of some of the coolest and most creative startups that are using .xyz to make their mark. Check ’em out:


A visual novel available on the iTunes App Store with a solid 5-star rating, and on Ghostpia.xyz. From a team of comic creators, composers, and storytellers comes a story unlike anything you’ve ever read – or played. So when it’s time for you to pick up your next book or video game, and if you’re fluent in Japanese or want a stunningly animated visual novel, give Ghostpia a try.


A creative charity organization helping proven institutions raise money through non-traditional thinking and marketing. As they are committed to tackling the world’s future problems, and they do this by connecting with, and appealing to, the future leaders of the world: generations X, Y, and Z. By working with young people and choosing a domain representative of their audience, YoungCollective.xyz is a perfect example of an organization using a .xyz domain to make a statement about who they are and who they’re looking to connect with.


The online home for all of Jason “J” Hill’s artwork. A senior character artist for Respawn Entertainment, you can find J’s artwork in games like Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Evolve. But the only place to find all of his projects is through JHill.xyz. This is a perfect example of an artist using their .xyz domain to give their portfolio a personalized, professional look. J used to have his work scattered across the internet on various portfolio sites. By choosing JHill.xyz, he centralized his online presence and gave his fans a proper portal to his work, opening up his ability to connect and expanding his opportunities to get noticed.


From the co-founders of Skype comes a delivery bot. Seriously. Is this the wave of the future? We have to admit that we’d be (pleasantly) surprised if this little guy rolled up to our front door.


Even HBO is adopting .xyz, using the extension for the Google-esque company from their hit show Silicon Valley.


An app that matches you up with the politician that cares about what you care about. Consider it the eHarmony of the political realm.


The #1 app on iPad Pro allows you to sketch in 3D, AKA our new favourite thing ever.


We are all about the side hustle, and this website gives you the opportunity to find collaborators to help you make that side project finally come to life.


Is networking difficult for you? Perhaps you are an introvert and struggle to make connections. Get Serendipity introduces you to a new professional every month, right in your inbox.


Just what the title says: if you’re looking for food really late at night (we’re not going to ask why – you do you), this India-based company will hook you up.


An interactive video platform that helps you get the training you need to succeed. If you’ve ever needed time to practice a skill, this is the place to go.


High school hackathons created and run by students. After its first popular run in New York City, the movement has now expanded to include New Jersey and California.