The team at .gay has just given a $90,000 donation to LGBTQ nonprofits, bringing the total amount raised from new .gay domain registrations to $124,400 since .gay’s 2020 launch!

All together, these donations represent 20% of every new name registered since .gay opened its doors in various launch phases, culminating in the global public availability in September. The non-profit beneficiaries of these funds are CenterLink and GLAAD.

The .gay domain extension is a virtual pride flag, available to communities, businesses, individuals, and allies to show their support online. Since its public unveiling, .gay has committed to donating 20% of every new .gay registration. This means that .gay is consistently contributing to a safer and more vibrant world for LGBTQ communities, both online and off.

Not only is .gay the first top-level domain to fund social advocacy in this way, it is also the first domain that has rigorous anti-hate policies to ensure that any anti-LGBTQ content can be reported and taken down. In order to make .gay an uplifting and LGBTQ-centered space, it was important to break the tech industry’s unresponsive status-quo.

The inaugural .gay beneficiaries are esteemed organizations that have been fighting for LGBTQ safety and acceptance for decades. CenterLink, an umbrella organization for over 250 LGBTQ centers, is a vital partner because they support safe physical spaces that liberate, dignify, and empower LGBTQ lives, love, and families. It is an honor for .gay to partner with GLAAD, whose preeminent legacy and continued work is rooted in fighting against misrepresentation and hate in the media.

If you’re inspired to join the .gay community, you can:

  • Register a .gay domain for your website, email address, bio link, or future project
  • Create a website or redirect and share it with your friends! Showing the world your .gay domain is the greatest way to help spread visibility and awareness.
  • Follow the incredible work that CenterLink and GLAAD do for LGBTQ communities.

Rebel has been proud to support the .gay domain extension since its launch in Fall 2020. Be sure to get yours today!