Whether you provide training, support customers or employees, or assist those in need, .help is your dedicated resource to serve others.

Learner.Coursera.help - online course support

When you’re operating a billion dollar company and delivering online course technology to the likes of Stanford, Google, and IBM, a robust help center is a must. Rather than cluttering your primary site, you can register YourBusiness.help or YourProduct.help for a dedicated customer support portal. These domains can also be used as intuitive shortcuts to help articles, like YourBusiness.help/password-reset. Best of all, your .help site can rank in search engines for frequently asked questions. Try searching for “Coursera support,” and Learner.Coursera.help is the #1 search result!

COVID19Italia.help - Coronavirus reporting in Italy

Sourced in over 50 Italian news articles, COVID19Italia.help demonstrates how a .help site can become a dedicated resource for any topic you’re passionate about. Like a news site or advanced wiki, multiple contributors can publish updates or manage different sections. Build .help domains for current events, life hacks, or complex issues to become an internet destination for your chosen subject matter.

HOI.help - Housing Opportunities Inc.

Housing Opportunities Inc. is a nonprofit that provides affordable housing and other assistance to communities in Indiana. Rather than settling for a longer domain name, they were able to register their initials, HOI, with .help as the perfect domain ending to define their purpose.

Nonprofits and organizations with missions to assist others need to look no further than .help when building a website. Not only does .help tell your audience what you do, but it’s also a call-to-action for them to contribute or volunteer themselves. Register YourMission.help, YourServices.help, or YourSubjectMatter.help to start helping others.

Change for Change
Photo by Kat Yukawa / Unsplash

No matter what you need a domain name for, .help is the perfect extension to turn your expertise or mission into an online destination. Here’s how more customers are using their .help domains:  

  • Personal use: YourName.help, YourInitials.help, FirstName@LastName.help
  • Business & services: YourBusiness.help, YourSpecialty.help, EmployeeResources.help
  • Tips & information: TravelTips.help, CurrentEvent.help, TrainingTopic.help
  • Nonprofits: YourOrganization.help, YourMission.help, YourCommunity.help

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