Introducing Rebel's Preferred Partner Program

You've been asking for it, and now we are happy to announce that it's here: Rebel's Preferred Partner Program!

You are already referring Rebel to your clients, so it's about time you got paid for it. Our Partner Program is perfect for agencies and developers who build and manage websites for clients. Do you fit the profile?


Getting started is so easy, a cat could do it. Actually, cats are pretty smart. It's so easy a...squirrel could do it? We'll just stop with the terrible examples and show you:


We know what you're thinking - how much do I get paid? Take a gander at the chart below:


Ready to start making some cold, hard cash for your Rebel referrals? Head on over to our Preferred Partner page and sign up today.

If the Preferred Partner Program doesn't apply to you, don't worry! We'll be launching a brand new rewards program for Rebel customers soon. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements!

We Believe That Those Who Contribute Make Us Better. It’s why we create simple, useful tools to empower participation in the world’s bravest communication space: the Internet.

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Introducing Rebel's Preferred Partner Program
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