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Rebel.com Changing the Online Game for Non-Profits and Social Impact Contributors

Rebel.com looking to support the mission and vision of the non-profit and social sector with free or low cost online services.

Leading web hosting company and domain name registrar Rebel.com has launched a full service ChangeMaker Program, offering free or low cost services and support to non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and community organizations in need of a stronger online presence.

Non-profit organizations and social enterprises struggle with funding, and as a result, web services often end up being last on the list in terms of priority and budget. Strong marketing and online presence is critical in today’s connected world, and organizations with an overall mission to better the planet shouldn’t have to fall behind.

The Rebel.com ChangeMaker program is designed to connect people and organizations who are doing great things in their communities and the world with Rebel products and services. Offering not only domain names and web hosting, but site builders, marketing workshop opportunities, and 24/7 award-winning customer support.

The non-profit sector employs 2 million Canadians annually, and there are approximately 170,000 charitable and non-profit organizations in Canada, with 85,000 of those recognized as registered charities. Groups already part of the Rebel Changemaker program include: Shepherds of Good Hope, USC Canada, Stand with Congo, and The Refugee Hub.

"The launch of the Rebel.com ChangeMaker program is one of our proudest moments to date.” said Rebel CEO, Rob Villeneuve. “Supporting the mission and vision of organizations that are changing the world aligns with our core values as a company, and we’re thrilled to be moving this initiative forward.”

“The Refugee Hub has benefited greatly from the support of Rebel. Our pro bono lawyers now have access to an online learning platform that supports their training and ongoing involvement with a program that helps to bring newcomers to Canada through the private refugee sponsorship program. We are such huge fans of their work and of their willingness to fill the tech/IT gap for those of us in the non-profit sector who really need it”.
– Emilie Coyle, Director National Programs, The Refugee Hub

More information on the Rebel.com ChangeMaker program, including the simple online application: https://www.rebel.com/changemaker

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Rebel.com Changing the Online Game for Non-Profits and Social Impact Contributors
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