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Rebel.com wins Best Employee Engagement at ORCCA Customer Service Awards

OTTAWA, ON - Rebel.com is pleased to announce their Best Employee Engagement Award at the Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Association (ORCCA) Annual Awards Gala, held on September 26, 2017 at the Canadian War Museum. Representatives from Rebel’s team accepted the award, this year for excellence in Employee Engagement.


“Our team is treated with respect, told they are valued, and most importantly, shown they are valued – right from their first day on the job.” – Lee Janson, Customer Experience Manager, Rebel.com

The ORCCA awards are presented annually, and attract the best in customer service across the National Capital region.

About ORCCA:
The Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Association (ORCCA) is a not-for-profit organization supporting the contact centre community in Canada’s National Capital region. Started in 1997, the association has grown to a current membership of approximately 150 companies and individuals and also attracts over 400 organizations many of whom participate periodically.

About Rebel.com:
Rebel.com is a leading Canadian web hosting company and domain name registrar that supports thought leaders, web developers, trailblazing businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute, share, and succeed online. By providing domain names, web hosting solutions, site builders, professional email, and all the tools and resources needed to build and grow ideas online, Rebel leads the way in the world’s bravest communication space: the internet.

For more information, please contact media@rebel.com.

To contact Rebel’s customer support, email service@rebel.com or call 1-866-497-3235.

Jasmin Bollman

Jasmin Bollman

Rebel’s Marketing Manager of Social Media & Content. She’s always in the midst of writing something while simultaneously looking for ways to work quotes from The Simpsons into her everyday life.

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Rebel.com wins Best Employee Engagement at ORCCA Customer Service Awards
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