By now, you’ve probably heard about Rebel’s $10.99 .ca sale. But maybe you’re not convinced that you need one. As fellow Canadians, we politely request that you read the following 5 reasons and then go out and secure that .CA domain before this sale is gone forever.

Seriously, this sale can only last so long. All good things come to an end, people. Maybe you should just click here and buy a cheap .CA right now and then come back and read the article. Or read the article first and then buy one, we’re not your boss.

1. Because it’s 2020.

Here’s the thing: Canada is one of the most wired countries in the world. 87% of Canadian households are connected to the Internet. Among all G8 nations, Canada ranks second in Internet connectivity (only behind the United Kingdom). All these statistics really just mean one thing for you and your business: If you want Canadians to know about you, you need to be online. But why? Well….

2. The future called – and more people are buying stuff online.

First of all, how do you have a direct phone connection to the future and who are you talking to there? We want answers.

Second of all, in 2013, Canadian enterprises sold $136 billion in goods and services over the Internet. That statistic continues to rise each year, as brick and mortar stores begin closing to focus their efforts on the online marketplace. On top of that, Canadians report purchasing more goods online from Canadian websites than from their international counterparts. This is due in part to the value of the Canadian dollar, but also because….

3. Shocking news: Canadians love Canada.

We know, we were floored by this one, too (insert sarcastic emoji here). Since 2009, more and more Canadians have been using .CA domains each year. In addition to using them for business ventures, Canadians also report preferring to use .CA for their personal domains, too. Because who doesn’t want everyone to know that they are from the true north, strong and free?

4. Trust, security and any other adjectives that describe safety.

A .CA domain symbolizes trust and security for many Canadians. This is especially true any time you are asking someone to enter their personal information into your site. Canadians have stated that they prefer using .CA sites for banking and shopping for this very reason.

But this security is not just for people accessing your site. When you register a .CA domain as an individual, you automatically receive free privacy protection, shielding your name, address and contact information from would-be phishers.

5. Made-in-Canada is kind of a big deal.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but people are all about buying made-in-Canada. When given the choice, 77% of Canadians will support a Canadian business. So help them out – use a .CA domain so they can easily identify you as being a fellow Canuck.

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