So you have an idea, company, campaign or brand — now what? Owning a website is a no-brainer: Potential investors, customers and business partners will expect you to not only have a web presence, but to have one that is smart, clean and memorable.

But it’s up to you to develop creative outlets for being present and relevant online, otherwise you might as well not exist in all of the noise (and BeingInvisible.Sucks).

Brand Development

Building brand awareness is important, especially for a smaller startup. 77% of B2B marketing experts indicate that branding is critical to growth. Companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those without. 62% of millennials claim that online content drives brand loyalty; These are stats that you just can’t ignore when developing your business, product or service’s online presence.

Every brand needs an audience and, now more than ever, audiences are online. Choose a domain name that speaks to your cause and shouts your message from the rooftops (because BadBranding.Sucks).

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Credibility and Trust

Don’t let consumers’ digital fears block potential online transactions. A report by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration found that 29% of households surveyed were wary about online transactions and up to 26% of households abstain from e-commerce because of these concerns.

Putting the time and money into building your own custom domain lends trust and credibility to your company or cause. People are wary of online stores and organizations that don’t have a legitimate-feeling presence. You’ll want a solid “About” page, payment system and client logos, badges and maybe even staff bios with pictures to help give your company credibility with a digital audience.


NoTraffic.Sucks, so you need to have a memorable online presence to instigate return customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. Dr. Carmen Simon, author of Impossible to Ignore, notes that to be memorable you must consider two things: What do you want to be memorable for, and how are you going to distinguish your message from other similar messages of competitors?

A .SUCKS domain can help you to hone your focus and stand out from other groups doing similar work. Make your domain short, snappy and relevant to guarantee the best customer engagement.

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A report called “Selling Creativity Short” indicates that creatively awarded promotional campaigns equated to approximately 12x more market share growth than non-awarded campaigns. What does this mean? That creativity sells. Marketing expert Geoffrey Colon even suggests that MFAs are the key to marketing these days, not MBAs. Be creative, take risks, stand out. It may be vital to your long term success as a company and brand.

Nearly 84,000 domain names are registered per day so you’ll want to choose something that stands out against the rest. In a world filled with copycat products and freedom of information online, you need to invest in creativity in order to be heard amidst the din.

The Takeaway

Consider all of this reasoning for why a memorable domain name is so important in a world of online clutter and information saturation. We think that NoEngagement.Sucks, so make sure you have a stand-out domain that can captivate audiences and rule the web.

A custom .SUCKS domain can get your brand the attention you need online and help you stay memorable for your audience. Start your .SUCKS search.