The new .gay domain, which came out to the world on September 16, is breaking new ground with policies that will create safer spaces for LGBTQ people, both online and offline.

The registry behind .gay has instituted industry-first policies with its “.gay Rights Protections,” which prohibit homophobic, anti-LGBTQ usage and provide specific remedies for domains that intentionally harm or malign LGBTQ people.

Additionally, known hate groups and their members are banned from using .gay domains, and .gay sites with forums must have moderation capabilities to respond to contributor behaviour that violates the .gay Rights Protections.

Furthermore, the registry is leveraging the entire platform to benefit LGBTQ communities by donating 20% of all new registration revenue to nonprofit organizations CenterLink and GLAAD. CenterLink is an umbrella organization for over 250 community centers around the globe that provide essential services to LGBTQ people, and GLAAD is one of the most prominent advocacy organizations working to ensure that LGBTQ people are treated with respect and dignity in the media.

Additionally, with a limited number of Early Adopters activated ahead of the wider release, we are already seeing examples of how the .gay platform can help keep LGBTQ people safer.

Public Health

The LGBTQ community is disproportionately affected by COVID-19 due to compounding risk factors such as discrimination, financial hardship, access to health insurance and health care, pre-existing conditions, and lack of family support. is being used by The Delta Foundation, a Pittsburgh LGBTQ advocacy organization, to collect comprehensive public health resources pertaining to the ongoing pandemic. At, people with time and resources can discover opportunities to help others, and people who need support can get help with a wide range of issues, including unemployment benefits, face masks, food security, housing, mental health, and youth resources.

Online Communities

Some of the early .gay sites now live that promise more safety for their online constituents include and These sites provide moderated digital spaces where people in gayming, kink, or other special-interest communities can connect with each other and express themselves authentically, without being subjected to unchecked bullying or harassment.


LGBTQ travelers need to think about their personal safety whenever they travel. The rental booking site MisterB&B is continuing to lean-in to their LGBTQ-oriented brand with The idea for the service was born when founder Matthieu Jost and his partner were made to feel very unwelcome by their rental host on a trip to Barcelona. MisterB&B’s service allows guests to connect with LGBTQ or allied hosts who know their local community and can provide insider recommendations, creating an experience that is far more socially enriching than an isolating stay in a generic hotel.

Speaking of insider recommendations, the very informative new site at has a wealth of information for LGBTQ travelers looking for tips about this popular beach destination in Thailand. It has advice on topics ranging from renting motorcycles and taking public transportation to descriptions of bars and nightclubs. LGBTQ travelers planning a trip to Phuket now can benefit from information that can only come from a local expert.

Help Make the Internet Safer

With .gay domains, you too can have a positive impact on LGBTQ communities. Rebel is proud to offer .gay domains, and you can get yours right now!