Never before have so many Americans dreamed of moving to Canada. And everyone knows why, right? It’s because of our .ca domains. That’s right, those lovely two letters at the end of your URL, that “maple leaf flag on your digital backpack” that shows you’re a decent, respectful person no matter where you go. We know you all want ’em.

In case you aren’t already aware of the benefits of moving to .ca, we’ll spell it out for you:

There’s More Room

Rocky mountain scenery
About 2.9 million .ca domains have been registered, compared to over 100 million .com domains. That means there’s a much higher chance of you actually getting a relevant URL, which is a key part of good SEO.

Just picture the vast expanses of digital prairies, arctic tundra and temperate rainforest. The lack of crowding means you can settle down at the domain that’s the best fit for you and your business.

Everyone is Really Nice

Lily and Marshall Canadians are polite
You know that jerk who was squatting on the .com domain you wanted, and wanted to charge you thousands of dollars to release it? Joke’s on him, because you can go grab the .ca version. There are way fewer domain squatters in .ca. Why? Because you actually have to be Canadian to buy a .ca domain. And we just don’t put up with that kind of thing.

It’s a Close-Knit Community

Celebration waving Canadian flags
89% of Canadian Internet users believe it’s important for Canadians to have a .ca domain, and 75% of Canadians prefer to shop at .ca domains. It gives you that good feeling of supporting local businesses. If you’re operating in Canada, a .ca domain shows you’re part of the community.

Plus, when you buy a .ca domain, some of the proceeds go to the Community Investment Program, which helps fund programs promoting internet safety, security and strength in communities across Canada.

It’s Safer

With .ca, you don’t have to worry about domain name hijacking or unauthorized domain holders. That’s because CIRA, the authority that manages .ca, adds an extra layer of security to all .ca domains.

The fine print: to buy a .ca domain or move your existing domain to .ca, you have to officially be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. But if you’re not, you’re already working on that, right?