Having the right domain name for your small business sounds like common sense, right? And yet, many entrepreneurs get it wrong.

It is true, though, that with the number of domain names already registered, it can be a challenging task to find the right one for your business. For your business to thrive, it is imperative that you have a good domain name; One that helps you build your brand and gain new customers.

Here's 5 tips to help you when you start your domain name search with your favourite registrar (Rebel.com, obviously).

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Begin with brainstorming

When looking for a good domain name, it’s best to begin with a brainstorming session. What is the name of your company? What products/services are you offering? What industry do you belong to? Use these questions to come up with five terms or phrases.

For instance, if you want a domain name around ‘marketing’, you can look for related terms such as ‘digital marketing’, ‘content marketing’, and ‘retail marketing’ as starting points. You can even use Google’s Keyword Planner to find more related keywords.

Along with all this, you need to ensure that your domain name is related to your business. If your business name is El’s Bakery, for example, then you would want your domain name to reflect that: something like www.ellovescooking.com probably won't communicate to your customers that you are a bakery.

Keep your domain short and simple

While brainstorming for domain names, keep in mind that the shorter they are, the better they’ll perform. Shorter domain names are easy to type and easy to remember. You also want to avoid using a domain name that has words that are difficult to spell.

To know whether or not you’re on the right track, think if you were to hear this domain name spoken out loud. Would you be able to spell it correctly? If yes, your name is user-friendly! If no, keep on brainstorming.

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Pay attention to domain extensions

With the constant evolution of the internet, a lot of new and unique domain extensions have come into play. Unlike the quintessential ones, these new domains are keyword-rich and brandable. On top of that, your chances of finding the right domain name for your business with one of these extensions is higher. For example, if you’re in the technology sector, then go for .TECH. If you sell goods online, you could try .STORE on for size.

These extensions make your domain name short and unique and, most importantly, they are intuitive. Just by looking at the domain name, a user can guess what your website is about, giving you bonus points for memorability.

Protect your domain extension and your brand

Before you register your domain name, make sure it doesn’t break any copyright or trademark laws. Even phonetically-similar sounding domain names can face legal issues. Additionally, if there are chances of your domain name being typed incorrectly by users, then you'll want buy the misspelled version of it, too. Capture the traffic that might not make it to your site due to a slip of the finger!

Act fast on your domain name

Considering how quickly the market is growing, good domain names don’t stay for long. As soon as you decide on your domain name, register it - even if you're not ready to build your website.

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