The Internet is finally waking up from the ‘dot-com’ (.com) trance. The domain extension leader is losing its creative mojo because most of the creative .com domains have been taken or will cost you loads of cash.

But here’s some good news: domains don’t have to end with .com, .net or .org anymore. You can now tell a story with your URL, and add a little personality with domains like .rocks, .sucks, or .sexy. Or, tell the world what you do with a TLD like .photography or .agency.

There are literally hundreds of ‘not-com’ domain options to choose from.

As Willy Wonka would say, it’s a domain world of pure imagination! Check out these fun businesses that have used unconventional gTLDs to their advantage:


A fun way to use gLTDsFiona and Jochem built a website (a really pretty and responsive one) to introduce everyone to their first new born, Mira. She has her own logo, blog (though they called it ‘mlog’, Mira + blog), a list of all the things she needs, and you can even set a date to go see her!

This kid’s going places.


Using gLTDs to write brand names
Why have a dot-com website when you can take advantage of a gLTD that’s part of your brand name?

Retreat Guru is the place to go if you’re looking for global retreat vacations that focus on yoga, meditation and wellness.


A unique way to use gLTDs with brand names
Map Your City lets your organization “map and showcase buildings & spaces you care about, work on, or own.” Just like Retreat Guru, they used a unique gLTD to create their URL.


Use gLTDs to describe your business
Sarah Federman did exactly what we recommend for her resumé: she created a kickass personal website. To top it off, she used a gLTD to describe what she does best. It worked so well she got a job offer at LinkedIn, and is too busy to accept freelance clients.


Play with gLTDs
Lets Math is an app that offers free online courses and homework help from math wizards. Can you guess why they chose .xyz?


Emphasize on phrases that mean something for your business with fun gLTDs
Jeff Dachis, CEO & Founder of One Drop, started the business after finding out he had diabetes in 2013. He found that support for diabetics was way behind the times, so he built a badass glucose meter and created a pretty and easy-to-use app to help diabetics take care of themselves. Disrupting the legacy healthcare system one day at a time!


Use .report for the perfect URL for a case study
If you’re in way over your head and need a change in your life by moving somewhere new, consider choosing one of the countries featured in this report. is exactly what it says it is: a report of the happiest countries in the world.


Describe your business with a new gLTD
This advertising agency is all about working on playful and edgy campaigns. So instead of going for something boring and standard like “” (which may have also been a bit misleading), they went for a name that’s a bit more fun, and shorter. (Okay, it may still be a bit misleading.)


Adapt your brand name to your new gLTD
.ink is being used by a lot of artists. Think tattoo shops, printing companies (, copywriters ( and… wait for it… tattoo removal services! Talk about a clever way of using a domain extension.


Stand out from the competition with your unique gLTD
Ari Seth Cohen is inspiring the senior set with examples of older people with amazing personal style. It’s not all track suits and cardigans, folks! The domain is perfect for his overall look and brand.

Grab yourself a gTLD!

If you want your brand to really stand out, you can’t just focus on the product or the graphics. An unconventional gTLD will help connect with your users and prove how bold and fresh you are. And we have hundreds to choose from!