.Co domains have seen double digit growth for the last few years, with an overall growth of 7,000% since 2010. As of January 2016, over 2 million had been registered. But what makes .co so popular?

.Co Domains Sound More Fun

Walter White saying
A run-of-the-mill domain extension is as dull as a phone number. Why stick to the norm? Choose a domain that makes you feel like one of the cool kids.

Also, imagine all the brand names that end with co. They can now play with their URL and make it shorter (good for SEO). We’re thinking tabas.co, sympati.co, cost.co. Taco Bell has already snapped up ta.co.

You Can Have the Domain Name You Always Wanted

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Ever tried to buy the .com domain with your name? Unless you’re a special flower with an obscure name nobody can pronounce, the odds are low that it’s still available. You end up having to think of something else. Which is probably also already taken. But there are so many more options available for .co domains that you have the chance to actually get the one you want.

.Co Hooks You Up!

Benefits and Perks of Getting a .CO Domain
Did you know that having a .co domain hooks you up with special perks and benefits to launch your business? Some of them include passes to startup events around the world, tickets to educational events and conferences, access to co-working spaces, SEO consultations, and credits for Google Adwords.

It Won’t Hurt Your SEO

.CO Domains won't hurt your SEOSome (uninformed) people say that a .co domain isn’t great for your SEO. Not true. Your TLD doesn’t have an impact on your search ranking. Know what does? Having a URL that’s actually relevant to your business, instead of whatever crazy name you had to make up so you could get a .com domain. There are lots of other ways to boost your SEO, too.

.Co offers SEO-friendly advantages like:

  • It’s available. You won’t have to make up a different URL to your brand name.
  • It’s short. The shorter and more streamlined your URL, the better.
  • It makes sense. Again, you won’t have to make something up. Just use your company name!

It Has Really Good Marketing

Tina Fey Marketing .Co DomainsCO Internet posted billboards on Times Square, sponsored events like South by Southwest (SXSW), and ran a “Create your Opportunity” contest to find the best business plan built with a .co domain.

They didn’t stop there. .co domains were featured in Superbowl ads in 2011 and 2012. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs saw the promotion and went for it.

The Big Guys Like It

.CO Domains purchased by big brands
Some of the biggest global brands are using .co domain extensions. If the folks at Twitter (t.co), Google (g.co), Cisco (cs.co) and Amazon (a.co) are buying them, we’re gonna go out on a limb and say it’s a good idea.

Sure, there are other domain extensions to choose from, but if these guys love it, why wouldn’t you?

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