If you’re looking for a domain that is uniquely you, look no further than .US.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, a .US web address is the place to share your story online. Whether you’ve started a business, are building a family, or are working to improve the world around you, .US is the community where you belong.

.US welcomes businesses based inside and outside the USA. Short and easy to remember, .US is the perfect domain to stand out online. Above all, it stands for something. For anyone with a dream to chase, an idea to share, a cause to champion, or a business to promote, .US gives you a memorable and credible way to reach your audience. If it matters to you, it should end in .US.

This is a vantage point seen often on social media, and I wanted to find it, but no one was forthcoming with the info. I started to use Google Maps 3D to try and locate where this was. I knew the ballpark—it had to be northeast of downtown. So after many attempts trying to find this cluster of palm trees, I eventually came across what had to be the location. This area, within Lincoln Heights, has lovely views but is off the beaten path. It was time for me to go make my photograph. That will never get old. I’ve loved that process ever since I was a kid. Here’s to many more in 2018!
Photo by Sterling Davis / Unsplash

Here are the top 6 benefits of .US domain names:

.US is memorable
.US is short, distinctive and easy to remember. Don’t settle for a web address you don’t love. .US has a wide range of names available that capture your idea, business, or cause.

.US is unique
.US helps you stand out from the crowd by giving you a web address that’s as unique as your brand.

.US is about community
.US is for small businesses, individuals and families, and civic groups and causes. It’s the opportunity to be part of a community that shares your values.

Good Morning Seattle
Photo by Timothy Eberly / Unsplash

.US is trustworthy
.US inspires confidence and lends credibility to your online presence. Available not only to U.S.-based users, but also to any foreign entity with a bona fide presence in the United States.

Connect Your Cause and Country
Whether you’re advancing a worthy cause or promoting a civic group, a .US address reinforces your commitment to making your community and country stronger. Patriotism comes in all shapes and sizes. Showcase yours.

Make “US” about You
.US is an extension of YOU. It’s more than a web domain. It’s the country you trust, the community where you work, the family you’ve built and the relationships you’ve cultivated.

Your story is unique. Your web address should be too. Get your .US domain name on sale at Rebel for $3.50.

Thanks to our friends at Neustar for this guest post.

Photo by Naveen Venkatesan / Unsplash