Great content marketing can give your business the boost it needs to succeed.

It not only provides value to the end user, but also helps with your search engine rankings. According to recent statistics, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

So, it's been established that content marketing is effective. However, there’s not nearly as much information available for someone whose job it is to produce high-quality content every day. Below are some of the challenges that content marketers face and their solutions:

Creating Value-Driven Content

The number-one challenge marketers face is producing content that is compelling, engaging, and breaks through the clutter.

Solution: Add elements such as infographics, whitepapers that make your content irresistible

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Lack of Integration Across Marketing

For fast-growing companies or large corporations, holistic marketing integration becomes more difficult at scale.

Solution: Setting a team-wide goal, no matter how large or small, will help improve integration across functions

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Getting Ambitious with Publishing Schedules

With so much content being churned, the sense of urgency to publish more often is too great to ignore.

Solution: It's better to publish one truly excellent post per week than to post five mediocre posts every week

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Lack of Budget

A study by MarketingProfs & Content Marketing Institute found that businesses only devote about 25% of their marketing budgets to developing and distributing quality content.

Solution: Start small with little to no budget, get results and use the data to make your case

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Determining Content ROI

Despite sophisticated analytics technology, measuring content ROI is still a major challenge that most marketers wrestle with.

Solution: Set SMART goals and define the success metric in advance and work towards that.

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Getting Quality Engagement

Gaining quality engagement is the key to gaining prospects. You can share an exceptional content piece but it won't work if it gets lost in the noise.

Solution: Listen to your readers and promote your content tactfully

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Finding the Right Resources

You need a team that develops the right strategies and funnels, produces top-class content and unrolls it at the right time

Solution: Either build an in-house team or outsource your work

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We’re living in time that has unprecedented access to customers, bypassing traditional advertising and sales channels. However, the bar’s never been higher to deliver top-notch content.

With the ever-increasing competition, the only way to win is to strive to better understand your customers, align content objectives with broader organizational goals and put into place a formula that helps you better tackle the challenges.

With the increasing competition, the only way forward is by understanding customers deeply, aligning content objectives with broader organizational goals and being pro-active with the overall approach to goal-setting, monitoring, and internal communication.