I’ve always been a comfortable person. The kind of person who will watch reruns of my favorite show over and over again before ever starting a new one. The sort of person who has the same pizza order and sticks with it forever. I am the person who refuses to acknowledge that Blockbuster will never again be in business.

At the same time however, I am a proponent of change when it comes to certain things, mostly of course if they’re beneficial. Subway adding guacamole as an option? Sign me up. New Snapchat filter? I am there. Changing banks for lower fees? Hell yes.

So, what does this all mean here at Rebel? Well, no, we’re not bringing Blockbuster back, but we are celebrating the holidays with something really nice and special.

And I ask you, when has there ever been a better time to transfer to .CA? (Insert cynical joke about the current state of the world here.) You will build trust with your audience, you will have better security, you will have a better local SEO, AND you will be supporting Canadians. Oh, Canada.

So, reason #1: it’s only $10.99. This covers the time left on your domain and the renewal for next year. That’s cheaper than your typical latte run for the week. Gosh, how much nicer of a Canadian thing could we do? I mean, other than bringing in a box of French Crullers from Tim Hortons on a Monday, or…
And because we realize that change can be difficult (i.e. everything that happened in 2016….and 2017) we are cushioning this deal for you with four more perks:

  1. FREE one page high quality website powered by Weebly. Choose from 60+ expertly designed drag and drop themes to easily create the website of your dreams in minutes.

  2. FREE Advanced DNS management. You can make changes to your MX, A, and CNAME records and name servers. In more everyday speak: you can make it easier for people to find you, like the Yellow Pages used to (#tbt).

  3. Three FREE months of professional email. This is very important when you’re starting out with your business or personal brand. Your audience will trust you that much more if your e-mail is linked to your domain.

  4. 24/7 Reliable Customer Support. We are not robots, in fact, we’re not even droids. We are real people who will pick up the phone faster than your mother on a Sunday. We are ready to help you out whenever you need it. Except bail. We can’t help you with bail.

So let your Canadian pride shine this season and yes, of course, yell it from the mountain tops, but more importantly, yell it from your .CA website. Welcome to Rebel, we’re happy to meet you ?


Image Credits: Jens Johnson, giphy.com,giphy.com, giphy.com, giphy.com